Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sock Monkey!!!

I got Lemans a sock monkey toy today... it was love at first bite!

Starting out slow

Getting into it

Tasty sock monkey

Die Monkey, die!

Taking a break; killing monkey is hard work

No! My monkey, mine!


Foster mom is well trained to get it back from Lucy for me! <3


  1. This is the worst thing I have ever seen. Sock monkeys are NOT toys. They are lovable and beloved creatures, each with his or her own distinctive personality. Sock monkeys are made with love by mamas, aunties, grandmas and other kind souls to be loved by little ones and to return that love. Some grown ups, like myself, give homes to abandoned sock monkeys. Sock monkeys are non-judgmental and extremely patient.

    Sock monkeys are about a thousand times smarter than the smartest dog or cat and much, much cleaner. I don't blame Lemans, I blame the human who would give him a sock monkey for a toy, knowing full well what would happen. What would you think if the owner of a lion or tiger bought a greyhound for their pet to "play" with?

    A sock monkey that closely resembles the poor creature in your photographs arrived at our house today, via Ebay. I can assure you that he will be loved and respected just as much as the the 90 other sock monkeys that live here.

    Friend of Sock, Socka, Eve, Googlie, Red, Jojo, Jesper Earnhardt, Jr. and all the resident of the Bull City Home for Sock Monkeys

  2. Oh, my heart is breaking! I'm Miss Millie, owner of Sock Monkey Ranch...a haven for sock monkeys in need of a little rest and recuperation. To see a fellow sock monkey being torn to bits brings tears to my eyes.

    I think it's an honorable thing to rescue those poor Greyhounds, so you must be a kind hearted person.

    Please, oh please, rescue that sock monkey and send him to Sock Monkey Ranch. We promise to nurse him back to health.

    Won't you please consider it?

    Miss Millie
    Sock Monkey Ranch

  3. Trang, these are really cute! haha Lucy stole the sock monkey.

  4. I'm very sad to see such abuse inflicted upon one of my brothers. :( Sock monkeys love to make people smile and bring joy into their lives. Check out my adventures on and you'll see what I mean.

    Big Monkey

  5. My most sincere apologies to all who adore sock monkeys. I did not know they are treasured souls, please forgive my ignorance. I promise to never buy another sock money for a dog to use as a toy; even beautiful deserving greyhounds...
    RIP sock monkey...
    There is a sock money heaven, right? And just so you guys know it was my Weimaraner Lucy, not sweet Lemans, that sent him to sock money heaven.

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  7. Oh, Iheartdogs, I am writing with a tear in my eye. You are so sweet to take our good-hearted teasing with such grace.

    You have made a lot of sock monkey makers smile today.

    Bless You
    Miss Millie
    Owner of Sock Monkey Ranch