Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cooler Temps = Sunbathing

The temperature topped out at 67 today. Perfect weather for a greyhound. We've been taking two walks daily since it has been so nice and cool, and this morning Lemans decided to catch some rays.

Working on the face

Lemans has no problem sharing space with her foster Bro

Almost Holding paws <3

Lemans roaches all the time, but when I leave the room to get the camera she flips over to watch me, or we're both enjoying the rub/roach so much I don't want to bother getting it. Someday I will be camera ready for her roaches; but for now some pics of the roach aftermath.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Welcome Back Sweetie!

Lemans is back home with us. Things didn't work out at her possible forever home (no fault of hers). It's been almost 4 weeks since she left, and after being here for only 15 mins, she's made herself completely at home again! It's almost like she never left. She's hanging out on her favorite bed, instigating play fights with Lucy, and roaching when I give her rubs. We went for our usual evening walk and she was wonderful(wish my weims would take a cue from her!).

She looks good, besides from a couple new scars. She's done shedding and her coat is beautiful!
Sweet Lemans is back on the market folks!