Wednesday, July 1, 2009

She's a Nitter!

For those not familiar with this greyhound phenomenon here's the definition of Nitting:

When a Greyhound is very happy, and loves their "person" they may nibble at their arm or side (or any available skin) with their front teeth. It's actually an expression of great happiness but it might be misinterpreted as aggression. The nibble is hard enough to easily leave a bruise, so, although it's actually meant as a true compliment, it's wise to be careful.
A variant of this is chattering and air snapping. When some greys are happy, they may chatter quite loudly, clicking their lower jaw as though they were cold. You may see a greyhound do this at meal time or when their "person" comes home. Air snapping is similar to nitting but instead of nibbling at your skin, they snap at the air. Again, this could easily be misinterpreted as aggression when it's not. The "snapping" is not aimed at you - it's aimed at the air.

She is mostly an air snapper, and she also likes to gently paw at you for some lovin' especially when you stop petting her and she desires more! I really love this girl, she's such a sweetheart.

As I mentioned before, since day one her stool has been very loose, but with the help of some plain canned pumpkin (1 large tablespoon 2-3 times a day) her stool is now perfect!

She also loves car rides and I think she was trying to go for a joyride today. I was working in the garage and had the door open to the van. Lemans went in and just hung out on the dog bed in the van and did not want to leave. Usually she follows my verbal call instantly, but this time I had to go grab some yummy duck to bribe her back in the house. It took a long time because all she wanted to do was steal the duck and stay in the van! What a silly girl.

Lemans makes a great warning dog. She sometimes barks when she hears people outside or near the door. She always stops like a good girl when I tell her to. This is only a problem if you live in an apartment.

She's such a goofy energetic dog and I've enjoyed every moment fostering her. Here's a cute video I took of her today.

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  1. What a sweet girl! She definitely likes getting her ears rubbed.