Saturday, May 30, 2009

Welcome Lemans!

We are currently fostering Lemans. She is red/fawn, three years old, and weights 58 lbs. We've had her in our home for 3 days now and she has settled in very well. She has had previous home experience in the past month. Lemans is eating and drinking wonderfully, in fact, she is a little piggy! She needs to put on weight so I've been spoiling her with extras. She has a tendency to eat way to quickly and chokes all the time, so I think I will be putting a ball in her bowl to slow her down.

Lemans is very shy at first, especially with strangers. She seems to be afraid of a lot of commotion or noise. It is great that we have a quiet and calm house; which is helping her feel safe and comfortable. She only hid in her kennel the first day, and now she rarely goes in there! My weimaraners are very laid back in the house so they have gotten along perfectly with Lemans.

She really hates teeth brushing and doesn't like her ears cleaned. I'll have to work on those. I have not tried to test her with the nail dremel because I want to take things slow.

Just like a typical greyhound she is happy to lounge and sleep on the beds most of the day. She seems to really enjoy our nightly 30 min walk and does great on lead. She loves to be petted, but you must go slow at first. After the first day, she started to push into me for more lovin' if I stop petting her. She would not allow kisses at first, but now seems fine with them. :) Lemans is an excellent stair climber. She has great potty habits. She also sleeps well through the whole night until near wake up time, then she gets loud. Lemans is actually a barker. She went crazy barking in her kennel the other day after only being in there for 1 hour. Next time we leave the house I will record her and see if she has any sort of separation anxiety or if the barking episode was over something else.

Lemans goes into the vet on Monday for her spay surgery. I hope all goes well and am so glad she is going to recover at home where it is comfortable and quiet. I think Lemans would do really well in a quiet home because she gets uncomfortable around a lot of commotion and activity. She is only shy for the first few hours and then quickly settles in and makes herself at home once she feels safe. She follows me around the house sometimes (especially in the kitchen) and does little hops over and over again when excited. She has not chewed on anything or misbehaved. She has no interests in toys and runs away if you try to entice her to play with them. Hopefully, she will learn to like playing with toys in the future.
Lemans is a sweet cutie who will steal your heart. If you are interested in adopting her or other greyhounds please contact Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption for more information.

Looking Foxy

Lounging around with the other dogs

Big smile